Christmas Prayer
by Judy Parker


Since we first met, a few years have come and gone.
There are many times you made me feel not so all alone.
I have watched you change a little along the way.
I have watched you grow more in Christ day by day.

There are words I have written to you so many times,
Words of visions, dreams, concerns, and rhymes.
There have been words meant for and read only by you,
Words of my old demons I felt you understood and knew.

There were days, and always nights when I have felt torment.
That is when many a cry for help to you has been sent.
Just knowing someone knew and seemed to understand,
Kept me from sinking, hanging on to the hope of reaching dry land.

You know this writing thing is the one thing in this world I love to do.
I got to thinking, I have only written just the one poem for you.
I wrote for you of storms that churn deep down inside of us all.
I wrote for you my prayer we each would rise and not fall.

Now today I write one more poem for you and hope you know,
To you the same hope and help I want to show,
That you have given to me when each turbulent trial I have faced,
When my very demons from hell your words and prayers have chased.

Prayer is such a powerful thing to be able to share with someone,
It is really the best Christmas gift when all is said and done.
Even if verbal words may not be passed between us two today,
Please know, I know, so well your hurt, and I do sincerely pray,

For every one of your past demons to flee far away never to return.
For every present problem, trial, confusion, turbulence, or concern,
To disappear just as quickly as they come into your mind
I pray peace, promise, prosperity, and pleasure, this very day you will find.

Merry Christmas dear friend of mine.
May God's love brightly on you continue to shine.
May the coming year bring everything you have prayed for such a long time.
May every dream and vision come to pass quickly that God places in your mind.

Merry Christmas

Much love, many prayers, matchless blessings...


© 2005 by Judy Parker