When There Weren't Fences Back when there weren't fences, The world was a simpler place. We would go to the Lawhon playground, And run and romp and play. Saturdays, Sundays, each evening until dusk, Bikes, basketballs, sandboxes, Barbies and such, Anytime we wanted to play - Off to the playground! Not a single chain-linked gated or barred fence to be found. Only true joyous freedom each day of the year. Precious memories made on the playground I hold dear Passed down to the next generation, my children played there, Sledding down the big hill when the snow visited us here. The monkey bars, the swings, the sidewalks, the poles, Pretending, imagining, dreaming, sliding into mud holes. Living on the very street walking just a ways, Instant happiness for children available always. I remember before it became off-limits all the way, I took my first two grandsons there to play. I told them stories of all the things I did there as a girl, Stories of when everything was so much simpler in this world.