Adopt ME!

Hey lady, hey mister, look at me!

I'm in this cage as lonely as can be.

Wouldn't you like for me to live with you?

Taking me home is the thing you should do.


I once had a mother who loved me and kept me warm.

I once had a mother who protected me from all harm.

Now I'm all alone in the world out here.

Come on, take me home, be a dear.


I'd like to get out of this cage and run and play.

I'd like for you to set me free today.

I've tried about all the tricks I know of.

Come on mister, take me home to love.


As you walk away please remember me

As you go to your car and take out your key.

Remember me, the cute furry one.

Remember me, the one that's just right for your son.


Ok, I've stated my case.  I've made my plea.

You are the one I've chosen you see.

Come back to this cage, open the door.

If you come back I will love you forevermore.