HE is risen.  HE is alive forever more.



A Man

I heard of a man they killed the other day.

I heard the news and what everyone had to say.

Some say he was a trouble maker.

Some say he was an earth shaker.


It happened down the road a piece from here.

It happened, but the way of it isn't to clear.

Some say he must have committed some sort of a crime.

Some say he just had to die, it was his time.


I once met him on the road, it's been a while.

I remember his kind eyes and his loving smile.

Some say he healed the lame and made the blind to see.

Some say he came to earth to set all men free.


I have pondered over all the tales I have heard.

I have wondered if he came to fulfill God's word.

I was told when I was young one day a savior would come.

I was told many things about him, I still remember some.


My mother took me to the synagogue holding my hand.

The priest read of prophets saying God would send a man.

He would come from generations of David's seed.

He would not be accepted as the King he was indeed.


I have been told to keep my opinion of him to myself.

I have heard this man's followers have been put to death.

Now that I am fully grown,

I have to make such decisions on my own.


I feel something drawing me from this place,

As I remember his kind eyes and loving face.

I think I will go down the road and seek what is true.

I think I will go, that's what he would want me to do.


In the streets, there is a huge crowd growing.

In the streets, I hear talk of an angel glowing.

This morning some women went to the tomb where he once lay.

This morning those women found the stone rolled away.


Some people here are joyously dancing with glee.

Some people here seem sorrowful they didn't set Him free.

A woman named Mary brought this news.

Many of these people seem confused.


As I walk further on toward the Golgotha hill,

I feel such sorrow for this man they chose to kill.

I feel sorrow for all those who turned Him away.

Yet, I feel such peace as I come to this hill today.


It is good to hear of a man conquering death,

But some things you have to see for yourself.

I saw the tomb was empty just like Mary said.

I knew that man had risen, He wasn't dead.


Much time has passed since the day I met Him long ago.

Much time has passed since I heard of the angel all aglow.

Much time has passed since I saw the stone rolled away.

Much time has passed, but I still feel His peace today.


He indeed is risen from the tomb so cold.

Indeed all of eternity in His hand He does hold.

He is the Savior the prophets spoke about.

His love for all of us is the one thing we should never doubt