Philippians 4:13 -  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 


All Things


Someone once told me of things that will be,

Great things, good things, I will surely see.

Someone once told me of things coming to pass,

Mighty things, all things, that surely will last.


Over and over, time and time again,

The words come to me, "We surely will win."

Days have passed, weeks, months and years.

Good things sometimes hide under tribulation and tears.


I call on you God your plan to reveal.

I call on you God, You say, "Wait and be still."

I wonder sometimes where is the good, where is the great?

I wonder sometimes have I waited too late?


I know your perfect plan will come to fruition.

I know I must be still, wait and listen.

For the good things, the great things that call to me,

For the mighty things, all things, I shall see.