Christians on earth are just chillin’,

As the halls of hell are daily fillin’,

With so many who were unwilling,

To give their hearts to Christ in Heaven who is willing,

To be merciful, just, loving, and forgiving,

To every sinner whose lives are reeling,

From deceit, lust, and all things which are so unfulfilling.

Have they heard of our God who offers a peaceful kind of living?

Or only of a life filled with turmoil, hate, and killing?

What about you, is God with your heart dealing?

Is He telling you now is not the time to just be chillin’?

Go and tell all on this road of life down which you are millin’.

Of the One who is faithful and forgivin’.

Today as we are before God kneeling,

May we vow to stop hell’s hall’s daily overflow filling.