Every day will I bless thee and I will praise

thy name for ever and ever."

           ----- Psalms 145:2


Drop by Drop


Suddenly happens at the drop of a hat.

Suddenly happens just like that.

A snap of a finger in this dance-

A whisper, a flicker, just a glance.


Gradually seems to take forever to be done.

Gradually doesn't happen with the setting of the sun.

A bucket being filled slowly drop by drop by drop-

A rainy day, an ocean shore, a spinning top.


Suddenly, gradually, two complete opposites it seems

Suddenly, gradually, two methods of fulfilling dreams

In this life, we sometimes quickly reach our goals,

In this life we sometimes find dreams come with leaky holes.


When things don't happen like we want at a drop of a hat,

We often give up if things don't happen just like that.

We snap our fingers and choose to no longer dance.

We whisper that the flicker isn't worth a second glance.


We lose hope in forever and say we are done.

We settle down and wait for the setting of the sun.

We watch all our joy leak slowly out drop by drop.

We forget peaceful rainy days on ocean shores and spinning tops


Yes suddenly and gradually are complete opposites for sure.

But if we want dreams fulfilled we sometime must learn to endure.

It is good to joyously celebrate goals which are quickly complete.

But we must learn patience and gradually stop those pesky leaks.