Deliverance is a Lifestyle

I have been delivered; God has set me free.
He told me now I can be all He created me to be.
The past is the past; the future is mine for the taking.
Of no more sin and worldly pleasures will I be partaking.

This was the song I sang loudly just a little while ago.
Now there are questions and doubts tormenting me so.
I look around and see this world around me has not changed.
Did God my mind, my thinking, only temporarily rearrange?

I knew living for God would not always be a piece of cake.
But now, is this world my deliverance trying to take?
I pray so hard for God to return the peace and freedom He granted.
Is it me, or this world who my definition of deliverance has slanted?

Is deliverance a gift of which God has all control?
Or is it something day by day that I allow to unfold?
When the doubts and questions arise down deep inside,
Are these a test from God, or are they human traits so hard to hide?

When there are people all around me who taunt me with my past,
Are these satans' demons, or God testing with an angelic blast?
Lately, there are days when I have to work harder than ever before,
Just to hold my head above the water as these people I try to ignore.

Today I pray these attacks will quickly end.
I pray God's blissful peace He will send.
Deliverance is a lifestyle that I must learn to walk day by day.
But it sure would be nice to have God move some things out of my way.