My Demon's Funeral

I buried one of my demons yesterday.
It was his time to be put away.
I buried him in a watery grave.
He wasn't anything anyone would want to save.
I had his funeral, I read his last rites.
He is the one who kept me up so many nights.
I wonder why I let him live all these years.
I should have gotten rid of him before he caused so many tears.
I thought he was dead many years ago.
I found he was always lurking around in the shadows though.
Just when I thought the battle was over and he was gone.
He'd show back up in a crowd on the street, or when I was all alone.
Now he is dead this time I know for sure.
His ugly face I will see no more.
All it took was the courage to tell someone he existed
My life after his death will no longer be confused and twisted.
He thought he had me all to himself.
He hated it when I enlisted someone's help.
My God and my friend helped the demon's coffin to seal.
My joy, this demon can no longer come in and steal.
My Bible says when two or three agree.
That's all it took, someone standing with me.
My demon is dead and I am finally free.
Thanks to God and my friend, that old demon I no longer see.