Remember that baby, remember that child?
The one that was thrown away and discarded?
As if it were only a thing that was disposable? Does that discarded disposable thing cross your mind?
Do you think, do you wish, do you pray?
If only you could go back to that day?
When you read of the child who was killed crossing the road,
Of the baby who suffocated in the hot car,
Of the young man killed on the four-wheeler,
Do you think that would never have happened to my child,
If I had kept him.
Abortion kills violently and suddenly.
It is no accident
It is a decision.
It is murder.
Think now.
Do the right thing now.
Choose life.
And you will have the chance to protect your child's life.
But if God chooses to take him at some point in his life.
You will understand only God has the right to choose to take a life.
You will know one day you will be reunited if you choose
To live your life for Jesus.
And for those who long to go back to that day.
To make a better decision
Your mistake is not final.
Your child awaits a reunion with you in Heaven.
You have another chance to choose life.
Choose Jesus.
He never discards His children
He forgives.
He loves us unconditionally.