My Elephant Poem

If I could never forget,
Would I think and think and fret?
Worrying, holding on to much regret?
Wishing for things that once were that I let,

Slip through my fingers yesterday,
Or lost somewhere along the way?
What if I had all those things this very day?
What would I do? What would I say?

Memories. Many have left my memory files.
Many, as days pass me by and time flies.
Some memories such as sweet baby cries,
Or of ice cream cones and McDonald's fries,

Shared with those I love the most, 
Riding down a highway along the coast,
Or in my yard watching kids playing with billy goats,
Chasing away monsters, goblins, and ghosts,

Remain forever in this aging mind.
For in a corner of my brain I often find,
Someones' smile, a hug, or someone who was kind
Dark stormy days, cold winter nights, days with warm sunshine.

But in all the days of my sixty-plus years,
I am sure I have forgotten many smiles and many tears.
Many hateful looks, hurt feelings, and jeers,
I don't wish to recall these and hope they remain unclear.

When I hear "You know you remember, you haven't forgot!"
I say, "I am sorry but I do not!
An elephant's memory I do not got!" 
I smile, for I am better off with some things remaining "forgot."

March 7, 2019
Lest I forget