As you experience even if moments in your life, pray they will always have a positive outcome. Don't ask what if. Just say "Even if, I will continue on and move forward."  


Even If


Even if I burn the beans,

Even if I can't iron your jeans,

Even if I say some things I shouldn't say.

Will you still love me anyway?


Even if I can't cook chicken right,

Even if I keep you up too late at night,

Even if I let a few tears start flowing,

Is your love for me still growing?


Even if I want you with me all the time,

Even if for me on a coke you spend your last dime,

Even if I forget to make your coffee,

Is there still love in your heart for me?


Even if I follow you around like a pup,

Even if I broke your favorite cup,

Even if your socks I don't know how to mend,

Please don't let your love for me end.


For even if your nails you bite,

Even if you talk to friends all night,

Even if you get mad at me and such,

I still love you just as much.


For the love we have is very strong,

Enough to last a lifetime long.

Even if you don't understand this poem or me,

Your loving wife forever I will be.


by Judy Parker

January 26,1977