We are family forever,
Through good times and bad.
We may say we disown each other,
But family we will always be.

We may stop speaking.
We may quit visiting.
We may say we stop loving,
But family we are even then.

Mistakes are made, love is lost.
Arguments turn to years of silence.
Hurt feelings turn to broken hearts.
Threats turn to total separation from family.

Thinking back over the years,
Remembering days when all were young.
Remembering days when more were added.
Remembering when some were taken from this family.

Do we not remember the dreadful day
Of thinking "if only I had" said or done?
Or "only if I hadn't,” said or done..."
But alas, too late for that family member - now gone.

On this day we should be thankful,
To have each other;
To have the blessing of all these other humans in our lives,
That we get to call family.

Some were taken that we knew for only a little while.
Some were taken before we ever got to know them.
Some never got the chance to live at all -
In this family, they were to have belonged to.

All the steps and halves and wholes,
All are given to each of us - 
To have -
To call family.

Yes, some may seem nuttier on this day than you, or I did yesterday
Yes, some mess up more than others some days, some months, some years...
But no, not a single one of us have halos.
We can all be somewhat nuts at times, but we are growing on the same tree... a family tree.

Who will walk with us through tough times?
Through good times?
Through gains and losses?

Remember to love unconditionally.
Remember to forgive quickly.
Remember life is short.
Love your family, imperfections and all.

God put you in your family and His plans are perfect.