In Jesus Name
by Judy Parker


In Jesus name is such a simple little phrase,
We say it when we ask him to forgive our sinful ways.
We say it when we ask him to heal all our diseases.
We say it as we are baptized to obey and please Him

Sometimes I get on my knees in the middle of the day,
Sometimes I really dont know what I should pray.
I sit very still and ask what He would have me say,
I repeat in Jesus name, in Jesus name, the same way.

As I do, his peace falls over me.
Just that phrase seems to be,
All I need to get Him to look down .
I know He loves hearing that sound.

When I say in Jesus name I surrender all to Him.
I would never say this phrase just on a whim.
These three words are the quickest way I know of,
To take me straight into his arms of love

Prayer is not as complicated as some think,
Prayer is our life line, our precious link,
To God the Father, through Jesus the Son.
Through prayer we find His will is done.

In Jesus name, In Jesus name In Jesus name,
Try saying it over and over just the same.
A simple little phrase is such a tremendous thing.
A simple little phrase can make your soul sing.

Fall on your knees and pray sincerely,
Jesus will speak to you so clearly.
You will feel peace and contentment wash over you,
His spirit will direct just what you should do.

In Jesus name I pray today,
In Jesus name please show me the way,
In Jesus name please hear my prayer.
In Jesus name thanks for being there.


© by Judy Parker
January 29, 2004