I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way


which thou shalt go:


I will guide thee with mine eye. 


~Psalm 32:8

The Journey


There is a road that lies ahead of us all.

Traveling it is tricky, for many stumble and fall.

Some trip over obstacles that suddenly appear.

Some get stuck in potholes and are filled with fear.


There are detours and dead ends all along the way.

Skills in backing up and starting overcome into play.

Some travel together, while others try to go it alone.

Some get lost and wonder where did they go wrong.


There are those who purchase a GPS to guide them through.

There are roadmaps and compasses that help some too.

Others refuse to ask for assistance from a single soul.

They think it is up to them alone to reach their goal.


On this road, many travelers stop right before they reach the end.

They give up and sit down and stay right where they have always been.

While there are others who reach the finish line after the long race.

Those are the ones who have endured filled with God's mercy and grace.


Unashamed to look to the One who designed a map for each traveling soul,

The One who travels with us from the days of youth until we grow old.

He is the best guide for this road of life we journey on.

He will never forsake us or leave us to find the way alone.


He will be there standing faithfully at the end,

"Well done my faithful servant whom I call friend."