Less and Ish


A selfless Savior hung dying on a cross.

A selfish sinner hung dying beside Him counting the cost.


The selfless Savior hung with His mouth so thirsty and dry.

The selfish sinner hung knowing he would soon die.


The selfless Savior longed to save the selfish sinner who thought only of himself,

The selfish sinner thought of his self centered life as he hung facing his death.


The Savior cried out, Father, forgive them who know not.

The sinner heard and wondered could He forgive him or not.


The Savior turned His loving eyes the sinner's way.

The Savior told him He would see Him in Paradise that very day.


Oh, what a selfless Savior to the selfish sinner the man hanging on the cross became.

The selfish sinner died but did not die unchanged.


He was no longer selfish, he wasn't the same.

He became a saved sinner hanging beside a Savior who didn't die in vain.


Even as our selfless Savior hung and died a cruel human death.

He thought of all who were selfish, never of Himself.