Let Me Remember


Lord, today as I cut the tags from my brand new dress,

Let me remember you were stripped more or less.

As I put on my hat that I just bought too,

Let me remember the crown of thorns they put on you.


Lord, as I put an earring on each ear,

Let me remember all the mocking you had to hear.

As I put on my best shoes to walk out my door,

Let me remember who your final steps were for.


Lord, as I struggle to make it to church for just an hour,

Let me remember how you gave up all glory and power.

As I think of getting home to egg hunts and cooking,

Let me remember as you hung, up to heaven you were looking.


Lord, on this happy day we call an Easter holiday,

Let me remember to take the time to pray.

As I think of you hanging on that tree,

Let me remember to say Father forgive me.


For you asked the Father to forgive those who did this to you,

A thousand angels you could have called to your rescue.

Let me remember you chose to hang on that cross for me.

You hanging on that cross forever let me see.