The Man on the Cross


On the cross, Mary’s son hung who was born to her because of God’s favor.

On the cross, God’s Son hung who was born to be a sin-bearer and savior.

On the cross, a man sentenced by the courts hung bleeding and dying

On the cross, God Himself bore the pain of the world, thirsting and sighing.


Mary was implanted with God’s grace, mercy, and love.

Jesus was planted here to fulfill all prophecies from above.

As a mere man, Jesus was born to live, suffer, and die.

As God’s Son He was born to rise again and live forevermore on high.


Oh, what a loving son always walking upright,

Oh, what a gracious Savior bearing my every sin and plight.

Oh, what a mighty God to humble Himself this way,

Oh, what a Godly man who hung and died that day.


Thank you, Mary, for giving birth to your son,

Thank you, God, for sending the Chosen One.

Thank you, Jesus, for living a holy life as man,

Thank you, my Savior, for dying fulfilling God’s plan.


Thank you my Jesus for the life you lived and the life you gave.

Thank you, my Conqueror, for overcoming death, hell and the grave.