Mothers Know


Mothers are of a very special lot.


They know when a tummy aches or when a fever gets too hot.


When those knees get scraped and elbows too,


Mothers know to simply give you a kiss and reach down and tie your shoe.


When your first love leaves and your world seems to be ending,


Mothers know how to hold you tight, your very heart defending.


When someone tells you that you're just not good enough,


Mothers know how to convince you not to believe all that stuff.


When you find true love, happiness, joy, and peace,


Mothers know how to celebrate with you in a celebration that never seems to cease.


Yes, Mothers truly are a very special lot.


If you have a Mother hug her tight and realize what you've got.


You have a defender, a confidant, a true friend to share your life with every day,


If you have a Mother you have someone to love you with a love that never goes away.