There are some memories lodged in my heart causing such great pain.

These memories stored in my heart I struggle to move to my brain.

In my heart, they are fresh, larger than life, and so very real.

When they move to my brain perhaps the hurt will begin to heal.


In the heart, the laughter turned to loneliness I can feel.

If stored in the brain with all these emotions I won't have to deal.

You see the brain is more neutral, less personal, more detached.

My heart is more involved, more loving, more likely to react.


With tears, heaviness, and brokenness unashamedly displayed,

Unable to hide that I am covered with sadness, suffering, and so afraid.

In the brain, so many memories are stored from years gone by.

I seldom brush the dust from them now and ask what if and why.


Those memories too I know once lived so deep within this heart of mine.

I can still remember those struggles, those tears, that hurt and all the time

It took to pack them up in boxes and tie them tightly with strong string,

And move them to the brain where they lost the freshness of their sting.


So today, as I brush a straggling tear from my cheek that I didn't know, was there,

As I ask God once more why; this all seems so unfair.

As I stuff in one more memory, filling the last box with the worst and the best,

I remember yet another memory forgotten that has to go along with the rest.


I run back in to grab it but it hides quickly away in a corner of my heart.

Maybe tomorrow, but not today with this last memory I will be able to part.

They say time heals all wounds of every kind and sort,

But even time can't take memories completely from the brain that once lived in the heart.