Miracles Right On Time


I often pray for a miracle to appear,

I often don't even notice when it gets here.

Do miracles happen suddenly like a flash of light?

Do miracles happen slowly as day turning to night?


I ask, "Dear God, please give this or that."

I wonder why He doesn't answer at the drop of a hat.

Is God amused by the things I said?

Is God looking down, shaking His head?


I sincerely believe He knows my every need and want,

I know, He knows, what's best, even when I don't.

God, are you listening as for this miracle I pray?

God, do you still perform miracles even today?


In the Bible, you parted the seas so quickly,

In those days you healed the lame and the sickly.

Father, can you still do miracles really fast?

Father, do miracles still happen like in the past?


Last year I asked for a thing or two,

Last month I had things I really needed you to do.

Did you hear me or did I waste my time?

Did you hear me and decide everything is just fine?


I am growing up a little prayer by prayer,

I am maturing and learning you are there.

Miracles don't always happen with a whistle and a bang.

You don't always look down and say, "You rang?"


You meet my needs daily and attend to my life,

You sometimes think it best I go through a little strife.

The healing I asked for was given long ago.

I have to have the faith to accept that it is so.


That lost family member, I pray salvation for,

One day you will grant that and so much more.

I have to realize you don't work on my time table.

To perform every miracle, You are more than able.


The miracle I asked for was granted awhile ago.

I got so busy with my life, I didn't even know.

I am learning miracles have a way of sneaking in,

I see this more clearly now than I did then.


Yes, miracles come fast and miracles come slow.

Yes, a miracle's time is for only You to know.

Let me learn to pray, watch, and wait,

Let me know You never deliver miracles late.