A Prayer For You
by Judy Parker



Today I thank God for you and ask Him to bless.
Today I thank God and ask Him to give you rest.
I pray you find peace, joy, and fullness in your life today.
I pray God takes any sorrow, torment, or strife away.

Today may you walk with sureness in every step you take.
Today may you have divine direction in decisions you must make.
I pray you are blessed as you come and as you go.
I pray the very essence of our Savior, Jesus Christ, you come to know.

I pray you accept His healing from any diseases that may attempt to bind you.
I pray you accept His deliverance from any devices that may attempt to blind you.
I pray you accept His salvation from eternal death that cannot hold you.
I pray you accept His Spirit keeping you from all fear that cannot control you.

Yes, I thank God for you my friend.
Into your life many blessings I pray He sends.
Remember to give thanks to God always in all things
To God always with a joyful noise may your heart sing.


© by Judy Parker