Come Quickly


Come quickly Lord Jesus,

Things down here are getting to be a bit of a mess.

People are thinking of you less and less.

They think of themselves more and more.

I think they have forgotten what they were put here for.


Come quickly Lord Jesus,

Some have forgotten you down here on earth.

Some have even spit on the miracle of birth.

They kill babies still in their mother's womb,

They say it's ok, we might need the room.


Come quickly Lord Jesus,

People decided to do things their way in this world down here,

Something you meant to be beautiful, they have made quite queer

Laws are being made that say,

Men marry men, women marry women, hey it's ok.


Come quickly Lord Jesus,

There is murder and hate, robbery and rape.

The government has appointed many ungodly men,

Cases are tried, criminals are set free again.


Come quickly Lord Jesus,

Our children can't say your name in school.

Leaving you out of everything is the number one rule.

My son can't say in God he puts his trust

My daughter can't say under God is a must.


Come quickly Lord Jesus,

I know all these things you already see and know,

I wanted to tell you some still remember we need you so.

We're looking forward to you riding the clouds of the sky.

We're looking forward to telling this world goodbye.


Come quickly Lord Jesus, we pray earnestly today,

Let the world turn to you and believe what you say:

"Behold I will come quickly, I'll break the eastern sky,

"Behold I will come quickly, in the blink of an eye,

I will come on a stallion in all my glory and power,

No man doth know the time, the day, nor the hour."