Raising Kids


Raising kids is no easy task.

Sometimes you seem to run out of gas.

Store up every little tear you wipe away-

Store up every little smile that makes your day.


All those hours rocking them to sleep,

All those doctor's appointments you have to keep.

Remember sewing up that old teddy bear-

Remember the way you combed their hair.


It seems you're always in the kitchen baking.

It seems 1000 temperatures you have taken.

Don't forget how they came in the room creeping-

Don't forget how they looked when they were sleeping.


There's no time anymore for yourself.

Wouldn't it be great to have a nice long bath?

Even though now you are never alone-

All too soon, they'll go out on their own.


Now I am older and so are my babies.

I think back on what if's and maybes.

Listen now when lovingly I say-

Remember each moment, enjoy each day.