Rainy Day


Each day when we wake and open our eyes,

We often ask God a lot of whens, wheres and whys.

Is it true all wounds will heal in time?

In the midst of adversity, how can we continue to let God's light shine?


As we realize what we have experienced really wasn't a dream.

We wonder is this the day from the hurt deep down inside we will be redeemed.

Will everything come together by and by?

How many tears can one person cry?


As each day begins we have a choice to see sunshine or rain.

As each day begins we must choose whether to begin again or just do things the same.

A time comes when we must dry our tears, lift our heads, and move on.

Sometimes it isn't worth worrying over whether anyone was right and who brought the wrong.


As each day begins and we remember days that came before,

We can continue to question why the things happened the way they did for sure,

Or we can focus on this day the Lord has given to get up and try once more,

To find a drier road, a higher goal, and a bigger, shinier door.


God is our protector, our defender, and our friend.

He will be with us as days begin and as they end.

We must spend less time questioning when and why

And simply say, "To give you this day God is my heart's cry."


He will lead us and guide us in all truth and kindness

He will give us peace and open-mindedness

He will make a way when there seems to be no way.

 Smile...God is with us always, on sunny as well as rainy days.