I am a little ornament once so shiny and new.

My color now faded, was once the brightest blue.

I remember the day someone chose me from the shelf.

I remember how happy I was with myself.


Christmas was the season for which I was created.

Each year I couldn’t wait to be taken from the attic and uncrated.

I was carefully unpacked and held up to the light.

I brought so much happiness; my beauty was a delight.


I hung on a tree amongst silver tinsel and stars of gold.

Now I am in the bottom of a box broken, forgotten, and old.

I think Christmas is drawing near again; I can feel it in the air.

I smell cookies baking and hear footsteps climbing the stairs.


I hear boxes moving; I hear paper rattling inside.

I see lights being unpacked some whose lights have died.

I wonder if they will be tossed aside now such as I.

I wonder if they will be lonely and wonder why.


Wait a minute I see daylight now entering into this space!

I see a tiny hand; I see an inquisitive little face,

As a young boy spies me down here at the bottom of the pile,

He asks his mother if he can hang me on the tree and my heart smiles.


Oh, what joy - Oh what bliss,

Once again hanging on the tree like this.

Now I ask you kindly if you will today,

Go rescue a forgotten ornament someone has packed away.

It may not change the world as you know it overnight,

But good things begin with one person doing something right.