Is there a reward?
by Judy Parker



I work in the nursery at my church.
I sometimes crawl and do a pacifier search.
I sometimes jump and dance and sing.
To stop the tears I will do just about anything.

I meet each mother at the door.
The babies wonder will they see her anymore.
As she waves good bye and gives a smile,
I know I'll be rocking this one for a while.

I dry their tears, I wipe their nose.
Each time I hold them my love grows.
When they reach up and want comfort from me,
I know this has to be God's plan you see.

As we rock I watch them close their eyes.
This job is rewarding, what a surprise,
To know they trust me to hold them in my arms,
To know they know I will keep them from all harm.

As the time winds down, it's time for a diaper change.
There are so many toys to rearrange.
The mommys come back one by one.
Some to pick up a daughter, some to pick up a son.

I hand each mother a bag and a child.
I tell each one, "Oh no they weren't wild".
As I turn out the light and shut the door,
I ask, "God should I do this anymore?".

He says, "Yes, come back for part two,
Come and hold them as I hold you,
Comfort them as they grow,
Your reward will be bigger than you'll ever know."


© by Judy Parker
April 19, 2004