Exodus 25:8

And let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.


The Sanctuary


I know of a sanctuary, a quiet place of peace.

I know of a sanctuary, where tranquility never seems to cease.

I go there in times of trouble and in times of fear.

I go there when the answers I need don't seem quite clear.


There is an open door to this sanctuary for all who are in need of some hope today.

There is an open door for all who may be passing by this way.

Many come in and stay for a while.

Many come in just long enough to trade their tears for a smile.


Those who are weary find the rest they need.

Those who are weak find strength to proceed.

The hungry and thirsty find food and drink.

There is more to be found in this sanctuary than you can ever imagine, hope, or think.


The sanctuary of which I speak is not created by man,

Rather, the Sanctuary of which I speak is the Creator of man.

"Come on in," Jesus Christ calls out to us today.

"Come in and I will give you the rest for which you pray."


"I am your sanctuary your shelter from the storm

I am your strong tower I will protect you from all harm.

Never doubt the promise of the peace I will give

Never doubt I am your sanctuary each day that you live."