Sitting By the Door


A young boy sat outside daydreaming by his door.

As he watched people passing by, he was so very sure,

One day grace and mercy on all people he would pour.

He knew when life here ended, there would be so much more.


His dreams were so much bigger than other young boys.

He knew his destiny even as he sat playing with his toys.

He knew one day God's magnificent plan he would employ.

He would bear much grief and sorrow; he would give much peace and joy.


He carried such a heavy burden at such a young age.

He saw all history already written, each and every page.

He saw mankind's sin and loneliness; he saw man's hunger and rage.

He saw a savior coming to rescue man from sin's deadly cage.


Of this boy's young life very little is told.

We know much of his life as his destiny began to unfold.

We hear of mighty miracles performed and words spoken so bold.

We hear of a hill, a cross, and a tomb so cold.


Yes, that young boy was Jesus, sitting by that door.

We know He was and is the Savior forevermore.

Such wonderful grace and mercy on each of us He does pour.

He gives love, peace, joy, and life eternal that will always endure.

Today you can still find Him near your heart's door

He is always there knocking more and more

Open the door wide, on you His love He will pour.