Luke 2:20 
And the shepherds returned glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, as it was told them.


A Shepherd's Story
When the Baby first came, not too many took notice.
Even when in the sky a bright star showed us,
His location in a stall for all of us to see.
Not many even cared that He had come to be,
The Salvation of the whole world set in motion that day,
The Light of the whole world pointing the way,
To eternal life, peace, hope, and glory.
The  Baby was the beginning of the world's greatest story.
I remember the night, I remember it so well.
An angel came and on my knees, I fell.
My heart was racing, as every bit of courage did fade.
The angel told me not to be afraid.
The angel chose me, for what reason I will never know,
To spread the news of this glorious heavenly show.
I was just a poor shepherd, no worldly wealth or fame.
The angel decided to choose me just the same.
The light so bright, the beauty so glowing,
The Hope of the whole world, the angel was showing.
Promises and prophecies, that night were fulfilled.
The fate of mankind was forever being sealed.

I know my life was forever changed that night.

I, just a poor shepherd, just couldn't keep quiet.
I went far and wide spreading the good news.
God gave me this job, who was I to refuse?

Someday I hope to meet you in heaven above the star's and sun's rays.
You will know me by my exuberant joy and praise.
I never grow tired of praising and glorifying my King.
The little Baby who had the power to make my heart sing.