Sitting All Alone


I look out my window, sitting alone,

I think of all the people I have known.

There have been so many to love along the way;

I never would have guessed I'd be alone today.


I had a mother and father who loved me best.

I thought they'd never forsake me like the rest.

My sister who I loved with all my heart and soul,

Found a husband with whom she could grow old.


There was an imaginary friend who always let me have my way.

I don't know exactly where, or how, she just vanished one day.

There was a best friend through school years,

Our ways soon parted through many tears.


My first sweetheart said he'd never love anyone but me.

There came a day he asked me to set him free.

I found a husband who stuck with me through thick and thin,

The war came, God called him home with many good men.


My children told me they would always be there.

Their own families came and demanded their care.

I even have grandchildren who sometimes stop by,

They're always in a hurry I never ask why.


So many people have passed through my life,

Now here I sit feeling sadness and strife.

Suddenly I remember one who will never let me go,

He came into my life when I was twelve or so.


He said, "Open your heart and I'll come in."

He said, "I'll take away all guilt and sin."

He said, "I'll love you in the good times and the bad."

He said, "I'll wipe away your tears when you are sad."


I remembered my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

I remembered the comfort He gives when He sees us,

Lonely or sad, heartbroken or mad,

Feeling we're alone, feeling everyone who cares is gone.


I remembered the warm feeling of my hand in His,

I remembered my best friend, my everything He is.

I know I never have to be alone,

I know I never have to wonder where He's gone.


If you feel you're all alone and lost today,

Call on Jesus Christ -He is the way,

To friendship, forgiveness, love, and life that never ends.

Unspeakable joy, comfort, peace, and mercy He sends.