Small Acorns


Today I took a walk down the tree-shaded road.

The wind was changing; the air would soon grow cold.

The leaves were changing to orange, red, and gold.

Everything from summer seemed to be growing old.


I saw a small acorn lying below on the ground.

I kicked it with my foot; it rolled round and round.

What is the point of these things under my feet down here?

If they were gone the ground would be nice and clear.


I passed a mother and little boy walking hand in hand.

I wonder why she did that, he could obviously stand.

I passed an old man taking over half the sidewalk with his cane.

I wondered why some live so long a life that seems to be in vain.


I knew both that young one and the old,

Had similar stories that could be told.

Each had started small and grown day by day.

Each must have had their handheld along the way.


I continued to walk down the street quite a ways.

I thought, "Leaves are falling everywhere today."

I looked up and saw a mighty towering oak tree.

I wondered if an acorn had been kicked there from which it came to be.



I knew the acorn and the tree, the boy and the man,

Were each a part of God’s magnificent plan.

I asked a lot of questions during my walk.


I  soon began to listen and God began to talk.



God created everything, we should not question why.

I am sure this, even to acorns under feet does apply.

If not for a small acorn dropped from an oak tree.

The beautiful mighty oak would have never come to be.


God creates small things; He has a reason why.

I am sure even to little boys holding mama’s hand this does apply.

If not for this mama holding his hand

He may never grow into a strong mighty man.


God allows men to live long lives; He has a reason why.

I am sure even to old men with walking canes this does apply.

If it were not for that old man holding that cane,

Who knows how many young ones might have lived their lives in vain?


Today thank God for anything small that sometimes seems to be under your feet.

The small might grow to accomplish wondrous, marvelous, mighty feats.


Take the small by the hand; teach them to stand for God while they are young.

When they are old, a mighty man or woman of God they surely will become.