Just Sitting Soaking in the Rain


Today it came a shower for just a little while.

I looked out and saw the rain and began to smile.

I went out my door and found a chair in which to sit.

I decided I would sit until the rain decided it was time to quit


The rain was cool and quiet, peaceful and gentle.

I sat and thought and cooled and became a little sentimental.

I remembered other summer rains from days long ago.

I remembered other gentle raindrops who once danced and put on a show.


Raindrops hitting pavement like little ballerinas seem to spin.

Raindrops falling gently on our faces seem to softly cleanse.

The rain grew harder all around me and I realized I was soaked.

Then the rain slowed to a mist, then nothing, and I almost lost hope.


But then I saw another rain cloud coming my way up in the sky.

I heard a rumble of thunder and knew another shower was close by.

Yes, I would get to soak in the cool refreshing a little longer.

The precious raindrops were on their way even stronger.


As I prepared for the shower to refresh me once again,

I remembered God's refreshing that is always ready to come in.

When we need to find it most we should just pull up a chair and sit,

In God's presence where showers of love and mercy never quit.


When you feel you are too weak to dance and smile and spin,

Remember our strong God who delivers and frees us from all sin.

He lifts heavy burdens and makes our load so much lighter.

His peaceful shower takes away noise and makes our world so much quieter.


Today if you feel dry and as if there is no hope left at all,

There is a refreshing shower from God ready to fall.

Look to the Heavens; Lift your face!

Become absolutely soaked in God's love and grace.