He's Still Working On Me


God called to me one day and I became His child,

Ever since that day I've been growing all the while.

It takes some time to grow and mature,

He's still working on me that's for sure.


I'm not the same person as I was before,

I find myself worth less and He is worth more.

I'm not the same person as I once was,

I've found a new meaning, a new cause.


Just when I think I know what He has called me to be,

A brand new calling He gives to me.

I do each small task with care and love,

As assignments are sent from above.


Sometimes I think I've surely reached His goal,

I think he just laughs and says, "Do as you're told".

Each time He calls me to something new,

I simply say, "Whatever you'd have me do."


Jesus tells us His kingdom is very near.

We must do all we can while we are here,

To keep the world from drowning in a sea of sin.

There's always one more soul we might could win.


I push through the obstacles, the crowd, the mob,

I punch His clock, I'm on the job.

Each time I think I've made the day,

There's always one more prayer I can pray.


When people look at me and say, "You've changed,”

I always tell them how this was arranged.

Jesus reached and rescued me with His hand.

Now for Him, I must do all I can.


I want to keep changing and growing more.

I never want to forget who I am changing for.

Ever since the day, my Jesus set me free,

Ever since that day, He's still working on me.