.Step Into My Storm


Some storms are but a small gust of wind.

Some storms can great turmoil send.

Some storms are mild and meek

Some storms devour all they seek.


God brings lightning, thunder, rain-

God stops loneliness, confusion, pain.

God can end any storm at will-

God need only say "Peace be still.”


I speak not of storms of rain and such-

I speak of storms with a deadly clutch.

I speak of storms from which you cannot hide.

I speak of storms churning deep down inside.


Man has no power over storms great or small-

Man has no power over much of anything at all.

Man can only look up and ask God to step in-

Man can only ask God's power over storms within.


Ask not for God to make your storm to cease.

Ask not for God to give you an easy release.

Ask God to step into your storm - give Him all control-

Ask God to speak His peace deep into your soul.