Hey Teacher
by Judy Parker



Hey teacher, remember me from way back when?
I'm the one that gave you all that trouble then.
You would tell me about Jonah and the whale,
I would talk, whisper, and sometimes, I'd even yell.

I'd walk in the room and stand in my chair.
I wanted to make sure you knew I was there.
You would talk about Daniel and the lion,
I'd say, "I need to go potty", squirm, and whine.

Every time I came in your class I would say,
"Are we going to have any fun today?".
You'd just smile and talk about David and the big guy.
I'd say," I'm hungry", and sometimes I'd even cry.

You watched me come up those stairs year in and year out.
You held my hand, wiped my nose, and watched me pout.
I've grown into a man now you see,
Did you know you had a part in this man I've come to be?

There's been a lot of times in this life of mine,
I thought about Daniel and the lion.
I knew if I looked to God and held on,
He would save me, He'd never leave me alone.

There's been a time or two through the years,
I've faced danger, toils, and fears.
I thought about David and the giant he killed,
Suddenly with God's peace my heart was filled.

I've sometime felt trapped, as if in a jail,
I thought of Jonah and the whale.
I knew from each trial God would set me free.
Hey teacher, I listened a lot do you see?

Today when you think the kids don't hear a word you say,
Know you are teaching them God's way.
They do hear the stories and prayers you speak.
They will fall back on these one day when they are weak.

Keep on teaching them, answer God's call.
He will give you His strength and see you through it all.
Don't ever give up on a single boy or girl.
Know you do make a big difference in their world.


© by Judy Parker
April 19, 2004