For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness,

and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Revelations 14:17

Christmas Trees in Heaven


Mamma, are there Christmas trees in Heaven?

Do the lights flash off and on?

Is the tinsel gold, or silver, or blue?

Tell me what do all those angels do.


Do they hang the ornaments on each green branch?

Do the angels hold candles and do a Christmas dance?

Is there snow of white and ribbons of gold?

Tell me what each branch holds.


Does anyone place a star at the very top?

Are there candy canes and chocolate drops?

Do you still tie red ribbons your special way?

Tell me what do you do in Heaven on Christmas day.


Does anyone bring you a card or a poinsettia there?

Do you still have apples and oranges like we used to share?

Are there Christmas dinners with pecan pie?

Do you remember as the Christmas tree came down how you used to cry?


All these questions run through my mind tonight.

It's just that Christmas without you Mamma just doesn't seem right.

I know in Heaven you are forever happy throughout the year.

I know there is not a worry, a regret, or a tear.


I know you are with the angels who sing around the throne.

I know you are never hungry, tired, or alone.

Light up a star for me if you get the time.

I will know it is yours when I see its light shine.


(In memory of Christine Elizabeth Hanson)