My Time
If I could go back in time, what would I do? Would I learn to swim, would I have a clue? Would I live in a different city or state? Would I start over with a shiny, clean slate?
Would I go farther, try harder, stay longer? Would I smile more, cry less, and be stronger? Would I go back and redo days when I was young? Would I be gentler, kinder, and learn to hold my tongue?
Would I hate less and love a whole lot more? Would I take a chance and walk through that open door? Would I hug more and hold on tighter? Would I worry less and make my burden lighter?
As I sit here and ponder on these questions today, I know my past is over and indeed done my way. I didn’t swim, but I did ride a bike and play. Tupelo my lifelong home, the only place I would want to stay.
All my tears, fears, worries, and laughter have made me, me. Time spent here, or there was all I really needed to see. My memories have helped many words get written on pages How blessed I would be if these words could stick around for ages.
My mom’s beautifully written words never leave my mind. What a gift she gave, I hope she knows she did just fine. Life was not always easy, but she was tough, a survivor. She was my number one fan, my supporter, my advisor.
My husband is the one God chose for my life. Grateful I am for each day I have been his wife. He is the holder of my heart, the keeper of my dreams. He is my hero, the fixer of all things.
My children are the greatest blessing God has given. Without them, I’d be existin’, but not really livin’. I hope I have taught them to be loving and true. A life without love, full of hate. makes one old, bitter, and blue.
Looking back through time, all in all, it has been a good life here. I have walked through many doors, fighting back fear. I know one day, my time in this life will come to an end On that day I will be grateful for all my time that has been.