Today's Bridges


This morning as I woke I wondered what this day would bring.

Would I get a lot accomplished, or would I not do much of anything?

I knew the day was beginning in a nice kind of way,

'Cause sunbeams came in my window to dance and play.

I thought of dreams that had been in my head while I slept the night away.

I thought of thoughts I had thought and of prayers that I did pray.

I remembered plans I had planned for this brand new day.


What will I see today that I have never seen before?

Will I seize opportunities and boldly step through open doors?

I know this day could be the day I have dreamed and prayed for all along,

'Cause I know when I am at my weakest God is very strong.

I have chosen to put in my heart His love and His new song.

I have chosen to allow Him to lead me no matter what goes wrong.

I have seen the salvation of the Lord and to Him this day belongs.


Today may I see things that I have never seen before.

Today may I keep my eyes fixed on things that are sure.

Through God's love may I see hope where there was once despair.

May I look on others as He does, lovingly and fair.

May I find many with whom God's love I can share.

If I should step into sunshine or rain, let nothing my vision impair.

Today may each bridge I cross be sure and steady in need of no repair.