Use me today Lord Jesus I pray.
Use me today to help someone along the way.
Use me today let your light shine through.
Use me today your work let me do.

Use me as I go to my job or school-
Use me as I try to be your tool.
Use me as I am driving home.
Use me as I am talking on the phone,

Use me with the little child next door.
Use me with the clerk at the grocery store.
Use me with those sitting in a waiting room.
Use me with those feeling only gloom.

Use me with my family around the table.
Use me with my neighbor-make me able.
Use me with the people I adore-
Use me with the people I try to ignore.

Use me fill me with your love.
Use me send your spirit from above.
Use me take myself away-
Use me put your holiness on display.

My Lord, you've done so much for me.
My Lord, you've made my blind eyes to see.
Such a great debt I will never repay-
My Lord all I can say is use me today.