An Unopened Gift
by Judy Parker




There was a little box at the very back of my tree.
It was a gift someone left just for me.
Somehow I overlooked it in all my haste.
For it to never to be opened would be such a waste.

I picked it up and shook it around.
Whatever was inside didn't make a sound.
I untied the ribbon and removed the bow.
Next the pretty red paper had to go.

Inside the box was a little piece of paper folded tight.
I unfolded the paper on which someone did write.
A beautiful message printed in red.
This is what the message said:

This package was wrapped with you in mind,
In hopes it would be the last one you would find.
This Christmas you have given and received,
In goodness and hope you have believed.

Have you taken the time to say Happy Birthday to your King?
To the Savior of the whole world, His praises did you sing?
Have you looked to the manger and on to the cross?
That great price He paid, have you counted the cost?

Receive the message of forgiveness written with His blood of red
Receive the Gift, for you His blood was shed.
Remember the greatest Gift ever given is available.
Open the Gift of His love that is unshakable,

I fell to my knees beneath my tree.
What a wonderful Gift was given to me.
I had overlooked the Gift in all my haste.
For the Gift to remain unopened would have been such a waste.

The Gift, born long ago in a cattle stall
The Gift, available when on His name we call
The unopened Gift is waiting on to be opened this very day.
Open your heart and listen to the message, listen to what the Gift has to say.