What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and teh son of man, that thou visitest him? Psalm 8:4

What Am I?

Lord, with me being what I am, what can I possibly do for you?
Lord, have you looked at what I am lately, what could I possibly do?
I look into the mirror and see every imperfection and flaw?
Lord, have you looked in this mirror, have you seen what I just saw?
My words always come out twisted and jumbled.
My steps, Lord, do you know how many times I have stumbled?
With me being what I am,  no eloquent speaker, not much of a walker.
Lord, you think I could do something for you, what a shocker!
Lord, are you sure with me being what I am, just me,
Something great in this vast mass of hopelessness, you're sure you see?
I have tried to be brave before and just go for it.
I fell so fast, so quick, I just gave up; I just quit.
What's that Lord, did you ask me to be quiet and listen?
Lord, is there some point you want to make that I am missing?
Alright Lord, here I am, please speak to me.
Show me exactly what it is in me you see.
Thank you, my child, now I will speak.
I will give you the answer to your question that you seek.
I will tell you what you are this very day.
I will show you who I am, the one to whom you pray.
I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb.
I know each step you will take before you enter a room.
I have put my words in your mouth, I long to hear you speak each one.
I see no flaws or imperfections, why do you hide, why do you run?
I am the one who died on the cross to save you from a sinner's hell.
I know your every thought, I know them very well.
I am He that died to deliver you from every disease and weakness.
I hear every one of your boastful thoughts, I also see your meekness.
I have a special plan for your life my child.
I have been waiting for you to step into it for quite a while.
You keep asking me what do I think of you.
You know who you are in me and what you are to do.
You are a new creation in Christ Jesus, Lord of all.
Don't you know I will answer before you even call?
I have put all things that can hold you back under your feet.
I will fight each battle for you, I will give you victory not defeat.
Now, my child, you know what I have called you to be.
Now, my child, you know who you are in me.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made, down to the very last detail.
You are more than a conqueror, with me you cannot fail.
I am so glad you finally to what I had to say.
Now just hold tight to my hand and I will show you the way.
I will always be around to tell you exactly what it is I see in you.
You see, exactly what you are, is exactly who you are in me.