What Are Mothers Made Of?


Little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice,

According to a poem written long ago.

Little boys are made of things not quite so nice:

Dog tails - maybe even a frog leg, or toad?

Was the poet a mother of little girls?

Whom she always dressed in frills?  Or the mother of brawny little boys,  with rock-filled pockets.

And even bugs that gave chills and squeals?


Did she perhaps have one or more little one of each gender?

Whom she wrapped her arms around and loved so tender?

She watched them grow and mature in all things that made them special and unique.

She watched them grow and go looking for life, and love, and many things to seek.

Did the mother shed a tear when she found a special rock tucked away in a drawer?

Did the mother’s heartbreak when she found a piece of ribbon lying on the floor?


If we could ask the daughter and son now after they are very old and gray,

Just one question, if we could ask it, what would they say?

What are mothers made of in your opinion my friend?

Are they made of sunshiny days or dark nights that seem to have no end?

Are they made of smiles and hugs, or tears and frowns?

Are they made of mourning garments or wedding gowns?

If we could look inside would there be a mix of good and bad?

Would we find a lot of happy with maybe a little sad?


The answer to the question we must each answer alone.

For we each had a mother, we didn't get here on our own.

What are mothers made of I ask you today?

Remember mothers are human, created not in rhymes.

Remember, as you go and tell your mother you love her one more time