Wish I’d Been There

I have often wondered how hard did you kick in the tummy?
Did you twist around and worry your mommy?
I wonder what she felt when she first saw your big blue eyes
I wonder what she thought when she heard your first cries.
Wish I’d been there when you first arrived.
Wish I’d been there the first time you smiled.
Wish I could’ve dressed you in pink to take you home.
Wish I could’ve assured you that you’d never be alone.
Even though it would have been nice to take home a brand new baby girl
I know God’s ways are perfect, He sees all things that happen in this world.
He knew just when we two would become mother and child
He had our family planned out all the while.
Our lives don’t always go exactly like we hoped they would
But they go exactly like God thinks they should
On this, your birthday as you make wishes for the year to come
Remember God has many great plans for you and then some.
Blow out the candles and be thankful for each year
Be thankful for every smile and every tear
Life is a gift that we two have been blessed to share
Happy Birthday, Daughter! So glad I was there.