Looking out my window Lord I see

Pain, suffering, confusion they surround me.

Much unhappiness in this world doth abound.

Unfulfilled people just seem to wander around.


Looking out my window Lord I know-

You have the answer, you are in control.

This world we're in doesn't have a clue.

The unfulfilled people- all they need is you.


Looking out my window at my problems today-

I really need your guidance to show me the way,

With all the large ones and the small,

On all problems, you make the final call.


Looking out my window Lord you need to change my view.

What I really need is to look up and see you.

If I will but ask you said you'd be near.

If I will but call you said you would hear.


Looking up through your window Lord today-

All my problems I see in a different way.

Help me now each day to always try,

To look up through heavenly windows past the sky.