The Set in Their Ways Religious Reverends VS The Worldly Women Preachers

The Prosecution Speaks
If God had wanted holes in earlobes, there they would be.
This piercing stuff is wrong, and very ungodly you see.
If God had meant for women to have a painted face,
He would have set the rouge and lipstick in its place.
If God had meant for women to be equal to men,
He would have let men bare all the children then.
There's one more point I've just got to make,
These women trying to be preachers; that's one big mistake.
The Defense Speaks
God called me to follow Him when I was but a child.
As I grew older, the call became clearer all the while.
I wanted to go tell others about His healing power.
I wanted to tell them, this is their day, this is their hour.
Some tried to hold me back and put me in my place.
Some talked behind my back, some told me to my face.
You're a woman, in church you shouldn't speak.
Learning how to sit quietly on a pew is what you should seek.
I studied God's Word and searched my heart every day.
The call only became clearer, it didn't go away.
God showed me what He thought women should do.
If you'll search God's Word, He'll show you too.
The Evidence Speaks for Itself
Miriam was a prophetess in Exodus days.
Deborah was a judge and led an army quite a ways.
Huldah, a prophetess, brought religious renewal to the land.
Tabitha also called Darcus, a disciple, even though she wasn't a man.
Priscilla, Paul referred to equally with her better half.
She did just a little more than tend the children, the hen, and the calf.
Junia, a true female apostle, had a letter added to her name.
Someone wanted her thought of as a "he" - what a shame.
Eudia and Sentyche, Paul's coworkers went door to door.
Phillip had daughters, evangelists all four.
Now, these females are just a few my Bible speaks of.
Each did their part to show others God's, mighty love.
There is one more woman, I think I like the best.
Jesus chose her to go tell the men He was no longer at rest.
Her name was Mary, she so loved the Lord.
Her name was Mary, He gave her a reward.
He handpicked her to go and spread the good news.
I think He might have wanted us to know, even women He will use.
The next time you ask the question, "Can a woman be a preacher?"
Look to your Bible, the instruction book, it is the best teacher.
I rest my case.