Yesterday I worried that my house wasn't clean.

Yesterday I worried because the iron didn't steam.

Yesterday I worried because my cat left home.

Yesterday I worried because I had to eat lunch alone.

Yesterday I worried that my mailbox was down again.

Yesterday I worried that they left some trash in the garbage bin.

Yesterday I worried that I was getting fat.

Yesterday I worried about this and about that.

How was I going to do it all this day?

Work, work, work- no time to play,

But today I look back on yesterday.

I long to be able to say-

My house isn't clean and I don't care,

It would be so nice just to be there.

So what if the iron doesn't put out any steam?

Wrinkles don't matter as long as it's clean.

My cat may be gone, but I hear a dog barking somewhere.

I may eat alone, but I sit in my own chair.

The mailbox is down, Yea no bills can come!

There is some trash left, but they picked up some.

I may have put some weight on of late,

But I get to eat out of my very own plate.

It doesn't matter if I get anything at all done.

I think I will just sit and look at the sun.

Today appreciate life.

Appreciate your friends, your husband or your wife.

Appreciate every little mundane task you get to do.

Believe it or not, each little task is important to you.

Thank God for your mom or your dad.

Thank God for together time you had.

"Life here is really short," is really true.

Make the most of each minute whatever you do.

Express your love for others,

Make amends with sisters and brothers.

Ask God to use you to change this world today.

Make sure you have no regrets tomorrow when you think of yesterday.